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We proudly offer propane services at a value price. RV's welcome!
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Value Price

Our affiliation with Ace Hardware means that we benefit from the discounted national rates they negotiate. We pass this savings on to you!

Knowledgeable, Certified, Safe

We've taken a unique approach to propane service. We offer fully certified clerks, true vapor purging, and quick service -- all with a low price per gallon.
Paul Filling Propane

RV's Welcome

We've made it easy for RV's and Camp Trailers to access our fill station. We also fill appropriately secured large tanks up to 100 gallons.

True Vapor Purging

Many untrained attendants will tell you that it is OK to fill a new un-purged tank by simply "filling it slowly the first time." Some even call this purging. Unfortunately, this advice results in serious problems because the inert gasses already present in your tank will combine with the liquid propane to create moisture on the inside of the tank. This moisture:
  1. Will permanently damage many pressure regulators.
  2. Can freeze the tank valve resulting in a tank that will only partially fill. This gets worse over time.
  3. Can create rust on the inside of the tank.
New tanks that were not sold as "vacuum purged" must be properly purged before their first fill. We perform a thorough vapor purge that involves pressurizing and expunging your tank five times. In this way we are able to ensure that you get the full performance of your tank and do not put the rest of your system at risk.